Master Distributor TMA Winches

High-efficiency Compact Hydraulic Hoisting Winches CPV

Wide Range of accessories


■ Grooved Drum

■ Special Grooved Drum

■ Special Length Drum

■ Class Approved

Wide Range of accessories

■ Wire Rope

■ Pulley Block

■ Hook

■ Tension Roller

■ Lower Limit Switch

■ Load Limiting System

■ Load Detection System

The CPV winch range is very flexible in terms of installation position. Moreover, the fitting dimensions are interchangeable with other products available on the market, making the installation simple for the customer, without the need to modify the machine.

CPV are very compact high efficiency design, thanks to the plug-in axial piston motor allowing higher speed values. Gearbox, brake and motor are installed inside the drum, to minimize the overall dimension.

CPV version is suitable for Harsh Marine Environment, thanks to specific design, selection of materials, production process and dedicated surface treatment.

Wide range of accessories available, such as wire rope, pulley block, hook, tension roller, lower limit switch, load-limiting system.