Planetary Gearboxes – Modular Construction

Planetary gear units are the perfect solution for compactness, simplicity & reliability. PG planetary gear units are divided into 21 basic frames based on output torque, which can range from 0.5 to 65 kNm. The modular construction allows the configuration and assembly with bevel gears, worm gears, hydraulic brakes and a variety of input shafts to the planetary units. Wide range on input options as well, such as hydraulic motors & electric drives. Easy to put together several stages of different size to achieve the optimal torque and ratio combination for every application. Wide range of ratios available, from 3,55:1 to 10,000:1 and more.

Planetary Gearboxes – Wheel & Track Drives

Complete range of rotating case gearboxes, such as wheel and track drives, suitable for most mobile applications, as well as marine winches.

Planetary Slew Drives

The Planetary gearboxes PG series is also available with special versions for slewing application in 11 basic frames based on output torque, which is ranging from 0.05 kNm to 6.5 kNm.