PDV 74 – 114 – 315

■ Proportional Compensated, Load Sensing control valve

■ Flow/section up to 130 lpm (PDV74), 200 LPM (PVD114), 550 LPM (PVD315)

■ Inlet module for variable displacement pump and fixed displacement pump (with built-in pressure compensator).

■ Venting valve option.

■ Several types of spool: double, single acting, motor spool, float position etc.

■ Working modules with built-in pressure compensator.

■ Electro-Hydraulic open loop on-off, proportional control available (12 or 24 Vdc).

■ Closed loop electro-hydraulic proportional control available in analogue or CANBUS version.

■ Manual with handle, pneumatic, hydraulic controls available.

■ Auxiliary relief valves either on port A or B or both.

■ LS pressure relief valve on A, B ports.